Below is a list of states with voucher programs and their requirements.
Trump's plan would require states to kick in far more of their own money.
The voucher is good for three years and can be renewed.That's one reason the majority of states still don't offer traditional vouchers.Blaine Amendments, which prohibit spending public dollars on religious schools.First in 2002, the.S.Translation: Even if the Trump administration can scrape together 20 billion to pay for its voucher plan, that wouldn't begin to cover the full cost.Approximately 460 students participated in 2011 and averaged a scholarship of 2,264.Others provide a set amount, which sometimes covers and sometimes doesnt cover the full private school tuition.Primarily low-income families are eligible.Hands up who wants to go to a private school?The law was changed in 2009 and now, all schools must be accredited by one of three organizations and approved by the Institute for Transformation of Learning at Marquette University.To get a voucher, parents should contact their local school board.The number of students awarded vouchers is also dependent on the states budget, which includes an appropriation for the program.By helping offset tuition at private and religious schools (and facilitating enrolment in a public schools outside a familys home district voucher programs offer parents of some students usually low-income children and individuals with special needs more educational options.Advocates contend that these programs provide families, especially those who cannot afford private school tuition, with alternatives when a school or school system fails.(For example, a family with one child must have an income below 72,00; a family with two children must have an income below 84,000.) Scholarships, which average 1,165, are awarded through outside scholarship organizations; about 40,000 were awarded in 2010-11.Welcome to the studio.
For children who live in those districts, the local school board pays tuition for them to attend public or independent schools in other cities or states.
The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarships launched in 2012-13.

The money is all or some of what the state would have otherwise spent to educate the child in a public school.2: It's possible that many of those repurposed federal dollars would come from.That said, traditional civil rights allies like teachers' unions don't like them.They do, however, provide tax credits to corporations that provide private school scholarships.Test scores of African American students in the state of Wisconsin, two-thirds of whom live in Milwaukee, she points out, are among the lowest in the nation.National Conference of State Legislatures.
Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney differ about school vouchers as a model for the nation.

The John McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program offers vouchers to students with disabilities and can be used to attend a private school or another public school thats not their mandated public school (so they could go to another county or a school with.
The amount of the voucher varies and is dependent on the amount of special education services the child would otherwise get at a public school.
The price tag on Donald Trump's plan is roughly 20 billion.