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E-Mail notice of 200 Delta vouchers.
You can spend it on any Delta flights and its partners, that is, think if you can book it on m you can spend the voucher on it (for example a Virgin Atlantic code code reduc cewe share flight).And Delta merging with Northwest Airlines, your domestic flight options are to fly with Delta or throw the voucher out.Yep, if we are talking domestic flights all they had to do was at some point get you from A-B or give you a full refund.With airlines constantly consolidating, and Delta now being the second largest airline in the world (it was the largest in the world for a while they may be hard to avoid, especially on certain domestic routes in the United States.But it brings up the simple question why did Delta not just offer only 20,000 SkyMiles (or some other number) to each affected passenger?But they did not have to offer any kind of compensation either.The simple answer is not everyone is a SkyMiles member but I think there is really more to it than this.One last word of warning if you got one of these and your delay was out of Europe.It may take a real fight to get what you should but the rules say you should get.But the point is that you have a limited time to spend these.Delta knows (and I do from reputable sources) that a large portion of the population does NOT spend these vouchers and they will thus just go away.Full Answer, use the following steps to redeem a voucher with Delta: Go to the website, go to the official website for Delta Air Lines.I've sat on planes for 3 hrs, had flights brought back to the gate after we pushed back and canceled and also had airlines go out of their way in some cases to make sure I had an excellent experience.

As we all should know they have the.The use of an airline voucher is subject to restrictions.Those that are eligible for purchase using the certificate or eCredit will be listed as "Certificate Applied.".Hucb until you find a rep that will do what is right.ECredits and certificates will be applied as payment during purchase.Quite honestly, I'd suggest giving Delta one more chance.

EU261 rule that can mean you will get real cash back for many delays of more than 3 hours.
There is a big plus for those who got these.