mesh reduction software

I only used Meshlab to export U3D files and reduce poly counts.
So here it is!The live 3d show is on the showcase page, you may interact with it, observe the models from any angle.Remeshing and Mesh Simplification/Reducing, mesh Smoothing and Free-Form Deformations, hole Filling, Bridging, Boundary Zippering, and Auto-Repair.It has been a while but I don't think Meshlab was able to handle some of the meshes I wanted to reduce.That is all I have used it for.Mantis LOD Editor - Standalone Edition.3.2 released!
(September 19, 2017) new, mantis LOD Editor - Professional Edition updated!
branching Support Structures for 3D printing.

Here are a few examples of how Meshmixer is being used today: Still not sure Meshmixer is for you?Do you need to clean up a 3D scan, do some 3D printing, or design an object that fits something else?Hollowing (with escape holes!then use the online edition to make LOD from within cadeau technologique pour homme Unity's editor.Mantis LOD Editor - Standalone Edition.3.3 released!Mantis LOD Editor - Professional Edition released!We have paid editions for advanced users, see the products page to learn more).I used Meshlab before I tried Remesh.Mantis LOD Editor - Blend shape keeping feature added to all editions!

OK so I thought I was done with the Whats New in Simplify3D Version 4 series.
Precise 3D Positioning with Pivots, automatic Alignment of Surfaces 3D Measurements, stability Thickness Analysis.
Mantis LOD Editor - Update to FBX SDK 2018.1.1!