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Note: Participation in this program is optional.
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What happens if I dont use my entire Voucher Amount?
How do I apply for a Book Voucher?But not every student will qualify for the maximum amount.To purchase your books, you promo code wildfox are receiving an advance of your anticipated refund.The amount of your book voucher will depend on the amount you are awarded, your enrollment status and the amount you owe for tuition and fees.Any excess funds not used at the Book Store will be refunded back to you.For example, you cannot use a book voucher from the fall semester in the spring semester.If the students financial aid eligibility changes or if awards require re-calculation due to a change in the students course schedule; the student will be responsible for the balance created on his/her student account from this book voucher.If you are not issued a book voucher before the voucher period ends, you may purchase your books once you receive your refund.How do I qualify for a book voucher?Department of Education: The.S.Must meet the general requirements for receiving federal and state aid.By using a book voucher, the student is authorizing Essex County College to deduct all Book Store charges from any amount of aid in excess of tuition and other charges.What can I purchase with my book voucher?The Book Store provides this data to the Bursar and the Bursar deducts these charges from the students account.
The amount of the book voucher will be deducted from your financial aid refund.
This includes tuition and fees.

To use the voucher, students must click on the book voucher tab and print two (2) copies of the book voucher.The voucher is only valid for use in the Essex County College Main or West Essex Campus Book Stores.Any funds that you have in excess of tuition charges and other fees will be considered excess funds.Complete the Title IV authorization form.Essex County College has chosen to use the book voucher process for students to purchase books and supplies.What if I dont spend the full amount of my voucher?
Store Location, hours of Operation, mid-City.

If you meet the qualifications to obtain a Book Voucher, your name will be added to the file that is sent to the bookstore.
What will I need to purchase by books?
What do I need to do if I choose not to participate, or select to opt out?